Year 6


Autumn Term Topic: "Buried Treasure"

work includes........

pyramids museum
 Investigating what is inside a pyramid  Creating our own Egyptian museum

Also included in this topic....

  • Researching the plants and animals that live in the desert
  • Who was Howard Carter and what did he discover?
  • Finding out how to make a mummy!
  • Making canopic jars out of clay


Spring Term Topic: "Digging up the past"

work includes........

rainforest Medium archaeologist Medium mayan-temple Medium
Rainforests Archaeologist visit The Maya

Also included in this topic....

  • Rainforests: Animals and plants of the rainforest
  • Archaeology: How do we know about the Maya of Central America?
  • The Maya: How did the Maya tell the time? What were the Maya pyramids like?


Summer Term Topic: "Britain's Got Talent"

work includes........

Westminster Small


David hockney 2
British Politicians British Artists


Also included in this topic....

  • What are British values?
  • Who governs Britain? Looking at Parliament and the Monarchy
  • Finding out about some famous British people
  • British Artists e.g. David Hockney



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