Year 4


Autumn Term Topic: "Myself and the world around me"

work includes........

stickman  globe oldschool 

Writing based on myself  

Where we come from

The history of our school

Also included in this topic....

  • Learning more about the world - discovering the places that are important to us and our families
  • Art and ICT - editing and manipulating photographic images
  • Finding out about our school and how it has changed over the years


Spring Term Topic: "Much Ado About Aylesbury"

work includes........

shakespeare Medium y4film Medium kings head Medium

The works of William Shakespeare 

Rehearsing and filming our own scenes from Macbeth

Tudor Aylesbury

Also included in this topic....

  • An exciting introduction to Shakespeare through a workshop and performance by The Young Shakespeare Company
  • Devising, rehearsing and performing scenes from Macbeth in preparation for making our own short films
  • Finding out about Tudor Aylesbury and what life would have been like in Tudor times
  • Writing opportunities such as newspaper writing, descriptive settings and our own witches spells


Summer Term Topic: "Greeks bearing gifts"

work includes........

Flight to Greece Small Who let the Gods out book Small ancient greece Medium

"Flight to Greece"

Who let the Gods out?

 Life in Ancient Athens

Also included in this topic....

  • A class "trip" to Greece onboard St. Louis Airways!
  • Sampling Greek food
  • Guided reading based on text
  • Fable writing inspired by "The Trojan Horse"
  • Investigating what life was like in Ancient Athens

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